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EIFA Parents

Madush Gupta

Madush Gupta

President of EIFA Parents Association

EIFA Parents is the official Association of Parents of EIFA school. We depend on parent volunteers and financial contributions for intra and extracurricular activities that promote creativity and foster a love of learning outside of activities provided by the school. We deliver a number of events and experiences for the children and raise money for charity; helping our children to learn to give back to the community.

An active well-functioning Parents Association is a sign of a healthy school with engaged parents. The 2018 Good Schools Guide specifically noted the contribution of EIFA Parents to EIFA school life.

The aims of EIFA Parents

To raise funds for projects and equipment to benefit the School community as a whole. To organise social events to enable School parents to meet and get to know each other, such as coffee mornings, summer parties and sports day picnics.

To represent the views of parents to the Head of School and School Board of Directors. Parents of children in the School are entitled to attend meetings and are encouraged to participate in the organisation of events throughout the school year.

Class Representatives

At the beginning of each school year, the Head of School and EIFA Parents invite all parents to attend an informal meeting where parents will be asked if one of them would like to be a class representative for their child's class. At EIFA we regard cooperation with parents as of the utmost importance. Class representatives have a leading role in our school community.

The class representatives' role:

  • to organise social events for the class parents (eg. morning coffee, parents dinner…);
  • to compile a class contact list in cooperation with Gaël Panhelleux; if a parent does not wish a contact to be publicised, emails may be sent via Gaël. Please note that it is school policy that all parents' email addresses are put in Bcc in a group email;
  • to be able to support teachers and the school in its projects by providing materials, expertise etc;
  • to organise school events such as International day, Halloween etc.
  • to provide other assistance as requested.

Please note: it is not your role to become involved in discussions regarding individual children or class issues. For issues regarding individual children, the parents should contact the teacher directly. For curriculum matters, parents should contact the Head Teacher, Mr Andy Hill. For school policy issues, parents should contact either their representative on the Conseil d'Ecole or Mr Andy Hill.

EIFA Parents Liaison Meetings

EIFA Parents meet once each term with the Head of School to discuss items of general parental concern. Prior to each meeting, an invitation will be issued to parents to submit any questions or issues which they may have. EIFA Parents and the Head of School may also discuss fundraising events and items that the School may particularly need in the upcoming year.

Forthcoming Events

For the latest news on EIFA Parents events, view the School Calendar. The emphasis is on fun, friendliness and maximum participation - everyone is welcome! Please also look out for information posted on the noticeboard at the main entrance of the School.

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