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Y7 to Y11 go to Rome, the Eternal City

From Tuesday March 7 to Friday March10, the EIFA's year 7-year 11 students travelled to Rome for a schooltrip organised by their Literature teacher, Miss Olivi. This trip was the last stage of their annual project dedicated to Roman culture. It started in October with a tour of the Ancient collections at the British Museum. Then our students took part in workshops about the Roman civilization in December.

In the eternal city, our students visited well-know monuments related to their Art, French and History curriculums e.g. the capitolin museums, the Colosseum, the imperial forums, the St Peter's Basilica, and Baroque Rome. Meanwhile, they played tourist guides explaining to their peers their previous researches made during French and History lessons. Moreover, they were able to practise engraving at the Villa Medici and to train as professional gladiators.

Y7 to Y11 go to Rome, the Eternal City

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