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Our day nursery Little EIFA

We ensure extra attention and support are given to those children who are not native to French or English

Welcome to Little EIFA, a day nursery school designed to start your child on their journey to a bilingual life with all the joys that this will bring. Little EIFA follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and, like the rest of EIFA is English-French bilingual, which means that your children will take part in activities in both languages.

We have created a warm and friendly, specially designed learning environment to nurture the confidence of young children. With facilities such as our dedicated quiet sleeping room, our small intimate nursery offers the perfect environment for young children, often away from their parents for the first time. Our staffing levels mean that our highly qualified and experienced teachers can spend time with each child as they learn through play to explore their bilingual environment.

Throughout the day, a wide variety of activities including Arts and Craft, physical play, group games and dance help the children develop their communication, cooperation and coordination skills. Our teachers lead the children in activities such as reading, music, counting, and story time to help fire their imagination. We ensure extra attention and support are given to those children who are not native to French or English. Our staff also make sure you are kept informed of your child's progress, so you can feel secure in the knowledge that they are safe and happy while in our care.

We are open for 44 weeks of the year and accept children who will be two years old between September and December

star 4.61 out of 5

We recently asked all of our parents to take part in a survey. We are very pleased to announce that we have received an overall rating of 4.61 out of 5 and a massive 100% of our parents would recommend us. If you want to see why, you should take a look at our Testimonials page or book a visit to see for yourself. We will be delighted to welcome you for a personal tour.

Sabine Dehon
Executive Head and Co-founder

London's premier international bilingual school

Representing over 40 nations across the world

Representing over 40 nations across the world


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