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18 November 2012


The serving of an appetising, nutritionally balanced school lunch to all our students every day is an important part of school life.  After a scrupulous vetting process, we are delighted to announce that we have found a catering company that shares our ethos on serving children with healthy and nutritional meals.  These are all home-made and prepared on the day, using fresh ingredients and delivered to our school all packed and ready to serve to our students.

Food for the Brain!  And eating right is extremely important as a proper diet improves concentration, assists memory and counteracts sluggishness during the day.  Our catering manager pays particular attention to ensure that our meals appeal to our students, as they and their parents expect the highest standards in school lunch.

Please note that due to the increasing prevalence of nut intolerances, no products that contain nuts are permitted on the premises.

The menu will be varied throughout the term and will be posted on the website under the heading “Menu”.  The menu for January 2013 will be posted in December 2012.

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Representing over 40 nations across the world


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