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13 January 2013

A huge welcome to those families and staff members who have joined our community for the first time.

Dear parents,

We are officially opened! 

Throughout the school day, I made sure to understand your children’s sentiments regarding this new adjustment.  For some of them, it is about discovering England for the first time and for others, it is about going from their previous school to a new one.  All, without exception, seem delighted with their new school life in Marylebone.  I hope you feel the same!

Starting next week, and for those parents who are interested in these services, we will set up a childcare service and a homework club.  With regards to the other extra-curricular activities, a form with some suggestions will be sent to you all shortly.

Our new music teacher will start with us on Friday and will provide a music lesson to your children.  She will also be available after class to answer any questions parents may have regarding private music tuition.

We have added our school menu for the Spring term in the News page.

Please also note our new phone number above on the Home page and Contact page.  If you need to contact us, please use our new number.  The old one will be discontinued very shortly.

Let’s aim to be the best school that we can be as well as being proud of what we do and achieve.

Kind regards,

Sabine Paradis-Dehon

Head of School

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Representing over 40 nations across the world

Representing over 40 nations across the world


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