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09 July 2013

Madame Dehon's message that contains information about the coming term.

Dear Parents,

With the successful completion of the term, I would like to bring to your attention the following for the start of a new one in September:

  1. The term starts on 4th September at 8.30am, for all year groups.
  1. The hours are from 8.30am to 3.15pm, from Monday to Friday, as well as Wednesday afternoons.
  1. The extra curricular activities will take place 3.30-4.30pm on specific days, and will resume from the week of 23rd September. The homework club and garderie, however, will commence from the week of 9th September.  More information on all clubs will be provided to all at the beginning of term.
  1. The pupils will be provided with textbooks and exercise books upon arrival.  They are required to bring with them a lightweight school bag, as well as a pencil case with a complete set. Trolley bags on wheels are not desirable while the rucksack is a more practical option.
  1. You will soon receive an email from Ms Faulkner in which you will be provided with the necessary information about the school bus and how to go about registering your child with the company directly and arrange payment.
  1. Although we do not prescribe a uniform, there is a dress code that I would like all pupils to adhere to.  Please refer to our website for further information.
  1. Ms Faulkner will also send you an email giving you further details about the PE kit (for sports), obligatory for all pupils. You will receive the information necessary to purchase a set with the school colours and logo. PE and swimming will resume from the week of 9th September.
  1. A cotton smock for the Art lessons is compulsory and from day one. Mrs Heider, Art teacher, cannot be held responsible for any paint stain resulting from the activities during the lesson.  John Lewis have a stock of smocks and orders can be processed through the link below:


    May I also suggest that both the PE kit and smock are labeled with nametapes which can be ordered through the link below:

  1. Pupils wishing to travel to school on bicycle or scooter, must all use the mews in the back of the school on Hallam Street so to reach the school garage.  A member of staff will be there to welcome them.
  1. In a separate email closer to the start of the term, you will be invited to an introductory meeting that will take place in the course of the week of 9th of September. There will be different dates for different year groups. In that meeting I will talk about our school and the day-to-day matters. The class teachers will then give a brief talk about the curriculum for the year and the outcomes they would hope to achieve, and the degree of your involvement with your child’s academic progress.
  1. Please inform Mrs Phillips, School Secretary, of any change of email, home address, telephone numbers and emergency contact details, allergies, or circumstances, at your earliest convenience so that she can update your children’s files.

And finally, please bear in mind that the school is closed during the summer holidays and we only have limited access to emails.  

I wish you a pleasant holiday and look forward to welcoming you on Wednesday 4th September at 8.30.


Kind Regards,
Sabine Dehon

Head of School

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Representing over 40 nations across the world


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