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Relocation support

Support for children

EIFA places a strong emphasis on small class sizes so that children can get the individual and tailored support they need. The feedback we receive from our families is that their children have integrated very rapidly on their return to other international schools.

Today, we are particularly happy to host a growing number of international non-Francophone and non-Anglophone families. For those non-Francophone and non-Anglophone children, we have developed a pedagogy that enables such children to immerse themselves in both languages and cultures - English and French - and to become bilingual, thanks to individual support. For more information, visit our page Learning support.

Social support for families

We are lucky to have a very dynamic parents association.

All new families are welcomed to the School by our Parents Association.

A series of events throughout the year, from end-of-term concerts, to a gala dinner, to Sports Day, and to coffee mornings allows new parents to meet with the existing parent body and share tips and information, as well as forge new friendships.

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Representing over 40 nations across the world

Representing over 40 nations across the world


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